Construction Site Aerial Support

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Construction Site Aerial Imagery

Construction site aerial photography is now being integrated into mainstream construction CAD software.  Monthly progress photographs are being used to produce full 2d images that can be used for accurate measurement and use in conjunction with traditional quantity surveying methods.

Drone Photography Services see the applications where aerial photography drones (UAV’s) can be used cost effectively in the construction industry, and has been growing enormously over the past few years.

Now in 2019 Drone images are being used to create 3D meshes for building construction sites at key stages / milestones and these meshes are being integrated into the layers of CAD and construction project management software. We are powered by Pix4D.

On-Site Progress


There’s an enormous amount of potential once construction gets underway – helping to track progress, keep tabs on materials, improving visibility and keeping sites safe. The data also provides a useful audit trail should problems arise and ensures any that do are dealt with as soon as they become known.

 As the project moves to construction, drone users can keep an eye on assets and materials, more accurately gauge progress and completion and be confident in the quality of work based on highly accurate data, minimising the need for rework.

Drones also have benefits in keeping sites and workers safe and protected, spotting hazards before they occur, and adding to a wealth of information that reduces the likelihood of legal challenges.