Specialist drone consulting

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Business Case

Once we have completed an initial audit of any existing UAS operations and understand your strategy, we build a business case for the safe integration of UAS on your behalf.


We have built a team of experts that understand not only the technology, but also its application within specific industries and the different challenges each operating environment presents.

How We Work

Our UAS consultancy packages follow CAA best practice techniques and cover a range of disciplines from detailed Surveying to Inspections


Our solutions allow clients to validate any assumptions about the commercial viability of UAV capabilities before committing further investment. Our goal is to create a safe, compliant and cost-effective UAV strategy for your business or service.


Our support includes an initial scoping, we will have an open discussion with all stakeholders of the drone operation before completing a review of operational safety, UAV data, security and process delivery.


The UAV Consultancy Package will build the long-term vision and process with an associated roadmap for how to reach that vision in an operationally controlled and safe manner.


Our Equipment Identification package is perfect for those just starting to integrate drones into their industry and want to future-proof spending.


We will undertake a suitability assessment of all equipment being used, including the drone, it's sensors, and ground control communication equipment. We will also evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of alternate equipment.

Ongoing Support

We will support you every step of the way, once operational we will carry out audits to ensure the package provided suits your organisational needs., adapting the framework as we go.


Along with the initial CAA regulatory requirements we also provide an assessment of additional training required to appropriately manage the risk of a growing operation as well operationally specific training framework. We will assess the need for night flying skills, EVLOS, and BVLOS training.